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Brian's Success Story

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Brian was released from incarceration more than five months previously. Having no where to go, he moved into Loving Light Community Outreach’s transitional housing in Rocky Mount. Brian worked hard to find a job that would allow him to get his own housing and transportation. Luckily, with several years experience in carpentry and construction, he quickly landed a job repairing homes with a local small business owner. He has since moved into his own home and has purchased a car.

Brian now helps others with a criminal record succeed as well. He serves as the head of Loving Light Community’s construction services, which gives ex-offenders experience in construction and carpentry through local projects. He uses his experiences to help other men make a successful reentry into society and provides them with the tools and skills they for successful careers.

We are grateful for people like Brian, who not only work hard to change their lives, but who take what they’ve learned to help others become successful as well.

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