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Celebrate Second Chance Month with us this April

Second Chance Month, observed in April, was first celebrated in 2017 to build awareness of the collateral impact of criminal convictions. With greater awareness, we hope to help people with a criminal record receive more opportunities upon their release from prison or jail. This process of returning to society is known as reentry.

In North Carolina alone, 1.6 million people have a criminal record. More than 98% of North Carolina’s prison population will eventually be released and return to the community. Those who successfully reenter society are less likely to commit another crime.

This Second Chance Month, we will celebrate with three community events.

The public is invited to a virtual screening of our “Come Home” documentary. This powerful film showcases the journeys from incarceration to reentry of several past NEW Reentry clients. The screening will be held Wednesday, April 6, at noon, followed by a panel discussion from the documentary participants. Get the link here.

On Monday, April 14, the NEW Reentry Council will host a community block party in Rocky Mount 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This family-friendly event will feature games, food, and information on local resources. The Second Chance Award winners—past NEW Reentry clients who have reentered successfully and made an impact in their community—will be announced during the event.

The public is invited to participate in the April 21 community job and resource fair. The four-hour event will begin at 10 a.m. at 249 Nash Street Wilson, NC.

This second chance month, let’s educate ourselves and help people in need find the resources they need to succeed. Learn more about reentry and consider donating to support returning citizens in need of jobs, housing, and transportation.

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