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Chase's Success Story

Chase was released from incarceration in 2018, with no place to live. Housing aid received from the Hope Station and Flynn Home prevented him from becoming homeless. Determined to improve his life, he enrolled in the OIC SOAR program and earned the Customer Service and Sales Rise-Up certificate and his forklift license.

After obtaining these credentials, Chase moved in with a friend and continued to search for a job. Unfortunately, his criminal record made it challenging to find employment that paid enough to cover his rent and related expenses. Without a car, he also found that he was limited in his job search options. He contacted NEW Reentry to request assistance with transportation and employment.

NEW Reentry Council staff worked with him to revise his resume and write a cover letter. The staff also directed him towards some businesses that would potentially hire him. Chase pursued employment opportunities with these organizations and soon after was offered a job. With support from NEW Reentry he purchased a car, which enabled his commute to his new job.

Within six months, Chase pursued and accepted employment for a new higher-paying position with a company located closer to his home. He continues to do well and looks forward to achieving other goals.

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