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NEW Reentry Council training program boosts workforce readiness

Financial literacy empowers communities, helping to create a stronger and more educated workforce, resulting in a lower crime rate, fewer foreclosures in our neighborhoods, less stress in our lives and happier individuals and families.

The NEW Reentry Council has completed its first financial literacy and job readiness training series—an investment in assisting low-income populations and those trying to rebuild their lives become more self-sufficient. The training was provided at no cost to qualifying residents of Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties.

The monthly sessions, conducted by business consultant Shamika Gardner of Skylar Business & Personal Solutions, focused on resume and cover letter writing, job interview techniques, work etiquette, and personal finance and budgeting. Each session was designed to increase participants’ skills in securing employment to become more financially independent.

“Participants learned practical job-seeking skills that they can use to increase their marketability,” said Anita Lynch, NEW Reentry program coordinator. “Each session complimented the information acquired in the previous session, allowing our participants to gain a complete skillset in the basics of finances and job readiness.”

More than 60 area residents completed the training. Each participant who fulfilled the training requirements received a certificate of completion.

“Our goal is to connect with our community so they can learn to invest in themselves,” said Felicia Thorne, NEW Reentry program coordinator for Wilson County. “The more we educate ourselves on finance the more likely our communities will thrive.”

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