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Reentry Terms


The process of re-entering the community after release from jail or prison.



Individuals often have multiple needs upon release. Basic needs related to housing, employment, and transportation are among the most common barriers to successful reentry. Other common needs include education/skills training, substance abuse/mental health treatment, clothes, food, child care, and healthcare services.


An individual’s ability to provide for him/herself without public or private assistance. Reentry programs seek to promote self-sufficiency.

Returning Citizen

A person who is returning back to the community upon release from jail or prison.



Continued criminal behavior after initial involvement with the criminal justice system. A person who leaves jail/prison and re-offends is said to have recidivated.


Individuals have an increased risk of re-offending when certain factors are present. Factors such as the inability to obtain safe and affordable housing, the inability to secure a job, poor social support, or having a substance abuse issue can increase the risk of re-offending.



Please continue to support local reentry efforts by donating, volunteering, and/or joining the NEW Reentry Council. Your active involvement is critical to reentry success in Nash, Edgecombe, and Wilson counties.


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