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NEW Reentry Council, representing Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties, was established in 2013. Stakeholders represented on the local reentry council include nonprofit organizations, community-based service providers, faith-based organizations and fair-chance employers. This cross-representation of government and community stakeholders helps the local reentry council develop a comprehensive approach to addressing reentry issues.


Our team collaborates with local, state and national organizations to provide assistance and resources to help individuals with criminal backgrounds become law-abiding citizens and to enhance public safety. By working together, we will improve our communities and meet our goal of reducing recidivism and victimization, ensuring that persons with criminal histories become contributing members of society.

We served 372 people in 2020.

Our Mission

The NEW Reentry Council’s mission is to strengthen our communities by engaging with local, state, regional and federal partners and stakeholders to provide the services necessary to ensure that returning citizens overcome reentry challenges.

Our Staff

Nash/Edgecombe County

Executive Committee Chair,

The Hon. Carol Allen White

NEW Reentry Council Final logo (1).png
NEW Reentry Council Final logo (1).png


Reentry Coordinator


Edgecombe Case Manager

NEW Reentry Council Final logo (1).png
NEW Reentry Council Final logo (1).png
NEW Reentry Council Final logo (1).png


Nash Case Manager



Wilson County Reentry Coordinator


Wilson Case Manager

Councilman Creech headshot.jpg

Wilson County

Executive Committee Chair,

Councilman Derrick Creech

About the North Carolina Community Action Association

The North Carolina Community Action Association is an anti-poverty member organization advocating on behalf of vulnerable families through our statewide network of 34 community action agencies (CAAs) serving all 100 counties. Founded in 1965, we offer training, technical assistance, and other resources to aid its members in fighting poverty in their local communities. Our goal is to empower local agencies to assist families in need to help communities thrive. For more information about the North Carolina Community Action Association, please visit our website at

NEW Reentry Council is a program of NCCAA.

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